Leather to Fabric with Love

So I am always looking for an upcoming project or inspiration on what to put under the needle next. While traveling in Dallas for the Husqvarna Viking SewFest 2019, I had the opportunity to visit a few of the stores in the fabric district. While roaming through a home decorator fabric store I oohed and aahed over such beautiful textures and design. However, the one item that caught my eye, wasn’t fabric at all. Hanging up on the wall was a beautifully crafted leather rug, in the neutral colors I love!

It was absolutely stunning, came with an outrageous price tag, and would absolutely not fit back on the plane once I returned to Maryland. I greatly appreciated the fact that the store allowed me to take a photo of such a gorgeous piece of art. Each of those strips are cowhide, carefully sewn together with a zigzag stitch. It was a huge rug! I can only imagine the man hours that went into making such a beautiful creation. Of all the rows upon rows of fabric, this was the one item I knew I had to have…just not in leather, or with their price tag!

So what’s a quilter on a fabric instead of leather budget to do? Design her own of course! So I’m currently in design mode with EQ8 to perfect this idea. The question remains though on fabrics. I love the look of the cowhide, and there isn’t exactly a fabric that resembles it, so what now? Well, I have always been a lover of batiks, so I’m leaning more towards finding the perfect batiks to complete this gorgeous creation. I’ll have my research cut out for me for sure, surely there are enough of those neutrals to find just the right tones.

I cannot wait to put this one into action. I’ll keep you posted as the final fabrics are picked, the design is finalized, and the cutting begins. Join me on an adventure into the herringbone designs and watch my leather dreams turn into a quilt of batiks. Stay tuned to see what is under my needle next!

Redd Homestead was established in 2018 after a move from Texas to Maryland. Our focus is on the lifestyle of living in a semi-homesteading world, while also enjoying the comforts of modern life.

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