Redd Homestead Has Returned

After tossing around many ideas and options, the decision was made to bring Redd Homestead over to WordPress due to the ending of Google+. Unfortunately I did not realize that all of my blog post during my time on Google Blogger would disappear. There went my history, my analytics, everything. However, the fault lies on myself for not backing it all up ahead of time. So, now we start fresh once again on the adventures.

For those who have not met us before, we are a family of 4, navigating this wild world, while attempting to live a semi-homesteading life while enjoying all the modern day comforts. I say semi-homesteading because let’s be honest, there isn’t a single one of the four of us who are willing to survive without electricity, TV, internet, or running water. So instead we focus our homestead on what happens on our small farm. We raise chickens and dairy goats, enjoy our horses, and let the boys grow up while playing in the wide open spaces and fishing in the pond. This is the life we aimed to live for many years while moving throughout the United States during the last half of the husband’s career in the Air Force. We always imagined we would end up being back in Texas for the long haul, only to change our minds and make the decision to move east a year ago.

In May 2018, we completed the move to Maryland, settling in a property that I had previously only dreamed about. All the current horses, dogs, and cats, as well as kids, traveled along with us on this new adventure. After we were finally settled in, two new horses from Montana, as well as the new puppy Rocco, joined the family. Shortly after their arrival, the farm welcomed new baby goats and chickens. It was only a matter of time before the property started to come all together.

While setting up the farm, the bigger goal of establishing the creative part of Redd Homestead also developed. I am beyond fortunate enough to have a full basement as my artistic studio. I have sewn since I was a child and a quilter for over 10 years. It has been an exciting journey to finally have the space and ability to pursue my passions. During this past year I have taken my time to begin to hone my skills and find my focus. My passion is reflected in the goals of Redd Homestead, “The Comforts of Home, Handmade for You”. There is nothing that makes the a place a home more, than something handmade, and that is where my focus lies.

During the Winter of 2018, I was given the opportunity to join a great team of like minded individuals when I went back to the work force for The Sew ‘N Place/ Sew ‘N Sweep, located in Pennsylvania and Maryland. What an exciting trip it has been. Since coming onto the team in December, I have had the opportunity to grow not only my skills, but to travel to Dallas to learn more about Husqvarna Viking sewing machines, work in our booth at the AQS Show in Lancaster, and be a part of a fabulous team of individual who truly want to promote the art of sewing and quilting.

Along with going back to work and growing Redd Homestead, I have also had the opportunity to expand the equipment in my studio. What an exciting day it was when I was able to bring home the latest Pfaff Creative Icon. I have been a devoted Pfaff fan for over 10 years, and to be able to bring home the top of the line was a total game changer. I cannot brag enough about what amazing things this machine can do. Actually, I love it so much that I made the decision to also purchase the Pfaff Performance Icon, so that the Creative Icon could stay in embroidery mode at all times. I have yet to find anything in my field of arts that this machine can’t handle. On Sunday alone, I was switching between regular quilt piecing, to stitching through faux leather on home decorator fabric, and back to quilting. I never even changed the needle. The power behind this machine blows me away.

The other addition I have also added to the studio is the Husqvarna Viking Platinum MN 1000. This is the newest release of a 10 needle embroidery machine by Husqvarna Viking. While I am currently on a basic working knowledge of the machine, I am crazy about what the future will hold with it. I’m excited to see how it will help to grow Redd Homestead with custom decorated items. As of this posting, pillows and canvas bags have been decorated with beautiful designs. I must admit I am getting quite spoiled with not having to change thread colors all the time. Setting the colors and pressing go is making this way too easy on me.

Well, there is a little catch up from where we have been, and now to focus on where we are going. Soon I will be back to teaching, starting in May, with a 7+ months ruler works course at both the Sew ‘N Place and at Sew ‘N Sweep. Dates and registration will shortly be available on the store’s website. I am also focused on starting techniques class that focuses on the aftermarket presser feet that are available for Pfaff and Viking sewing machines. Many customers aren’t aware of what amazing feet are available and what all they can do to improve their works. Other teaching opportunities that are opening up are for classes are new owner as well as quilt classes. Here at the Homestead, I am actively working on a privately commissioned quilt, as well as preparing to open up the Redd Homestead Etsy store to begin bringing those comforts of home to your home as well.

I hope you will continue on the journey with us. It’s a shame to have lost the previous blog, but a new start is always an exciting adventure as well. See you soon behind the needle!

Redd Homestead was established in 2018 after a move from Texas to Maryland. Our focus is on the lifestyle of living in a semi-homesteading world, while also enjoying the comforts of modern life.

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