What a Weekend…

I actually had a weekend off from work and we had plans to put it all to good use. When the weather is gorgeous, it’s time to get outside. Saturday morning began with walking the grounds to figure out where the next pasture will be fenced in. Of our near 12 acres, only about 4 are actually fenced in, and another 5-6 are ready to be fenced. We do have a portion of the property that encompasses a pond and creek area that is part of a conservation section, so it must remain untouched. So, after much walking and pointing we came up with a game plan and headed off to Lowe’s to plan our purchase.

By the time we walked out, we were loaded up with plants for the flower beds, a grill, a garden tiller, and a ridiculous bill for a delivery of 352 fence post. 352…and we hope that will take care of what we need to fence. 352 fence post holes to be dug, 352 fence post to put in the ground and tamper or concrete in so that the fence holds. My body is already hurting from the idea of this going on. But, once we arrived back home the whole family got into the game plan of reviving the front flower bed. It needed to be stripped out of all the weeds and overgrowth, new mulch and plants, and it happened. The boys even got into the mix and went straight to work. By 8pm last night, the grounds had been completely transformed. It’s so great when the kids actually jump in and help, and don’t argue about it all the time.

Sunday brought another round of work for us, starting early in the barn with the horses. Chris took care of trimming all the horse’s feet while I held them and made their manes smooth and shiny. Since this was the first time that both Cider and Lacey needed their feet trimmed, what was expected to be a potential rodeo went quite wells. The girls were well behaved! The only ouch that occurred during the morning was when Sarge turned and stomped on my foot. After being an owner for 21 years you’d think I’d know not to wear athletic shoes in the barn while working with the horses. It even crossed my mind when I was walking to the barn that I should have picked better shoes. Now we are on a bruised big toe watch as it’s still hurting, but doesn’t appear to be broken.

Finally after lunch, another trip to Lowe’s was in order. This time for all new indoor house plants. It seems to be a trend when I’m in Lowe’s I get quite side tracked. However, we did manage to come home with new indoor plants, potting soil, pots, and 5 new trees for the outdoors. This time we went with pink flowering Crabtree. I may regret that choice one day but at least the blooms will be gorgeous.

Finally the evening wrapped with taking shelter for a Tornado Warning in the area. This was a good practice for the family, however, I hope it’s not one that will occur on a regular basis. However, the sky was stunning. Unfortunately, nothing ended up under my needle this weekend, as the great outdoors called my name. Tomorrow, the Pfaff Creative Icon will be woken back up and a new design tested out. Watch out for a new post to see what design goes under my needle tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the storm pics.

Redd Homestead was established in 2018 after a move from Texas to Maryland. Our focus is on the lifestyle of living in a semi-homesteading world, while also enjoying the comforts of modern life.

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