Modern Farmhouse Style

I would definitely describe my style as Modern Farmhouse. I have always wanted to live on a farm, in a two story farmhouse, with my horses running in the yard. That was the long term dream. Due to the move across the country to Maryland, we were able to make that dream a reality. I would definitely consider our homestead more down the line of a mini-farm, since we are only sitting on close to 12 acres. But in my heart, it’s still a farm.

When we purchased the property knowing that there would be quite a bit of work needed in order to bring it up to what we love as far as style and quality. The work began immediately. New paint went up on every wall (ceilings still need to be done), trim work had to be repaired and repainted. Don’t even get me started on just the clean up alone! All carpets had to be removed and replaced due to the prior pets in the home. Bathrooms have either been redone, or are next on the list, floors replaced, the list goes on and on. The one great thing about all this DIY work, I get the dream house I always wanted. Our home is not an old farmhouse, in fact it’s only about 12 years old. But through careful work, and lots of love, it’s becoming the classy modern farmhouse that I love.

The advantage of being a sewist in the world of remodel is that anything with fabric, I can pretty much put under those amazing Pfaff machines. I don’t buy curtains in this house, I make them. Need decorative pillows, I’ll knock that out too. How about a quilt to keep us warm in the winter, not a problem. Basically, I got this! One thing I am forever grateful for is that one of my grandmothers and my Mom sat me in front of a sewing machine at a very early age and let me play. They let me make my own mistakes, take those stitches apart, and let me restart. In front of my sewing machine has always been a safe place to fail.

We have recently converted bedroom #4 into a guest room, right in time as we are waiting the arrival of family for a week. For the first time ever, we can have guest in our home without the boys having to give up a bed and bunk together. Due to lack of time I did buy a comforter for the new bed. I might be creative but I can’t pump out that large of a quilt in a week anymore with my schedule. However, the bed lacked originality and that modern farmhouse style. So what’s this girl to do but make some pillows. One of them is a simple embroidery design, added some cute ribbon and done. The second was a little more extensive as it is a cut design from Cricut Design Space and using my Cricut Maker, then stitched onto decorator fabric before it becomes a pillow. I love these funky folk art chickens!

The other project I was knocking out today is for the banner for my son’s baseball team. After finding the logo online, I was able to convert it into my software, and knock out a large “patch” in order to put on the banner. This was only supposed to be my test stitch of the near 70,000 stitches, but it turned out so great, I decided I would just trim it out and will attach it onto their banner. There’s still a bit of work to do to complete the banner but this was a huge win for me! Enjoy the peek of what all was under my needles today.

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