When you do what you love…

Confucius says: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. I’ve often wondered if I would find the career I would love that much. I tried many options, but the one thing that always stayed a constant is my love of sewing. Back in the fall, the husband is the one who told me to just go back to what I love, quilting. Don’t let him know this, but he was right. The hard part is that it’s not exactly a great paying job, especially when people don’t understand how expensive a personal, handmade quilt actually cost.

It’s always when we aren’t looking for something that it lands right in front of us. That actually happened when I met the husband too. I wasn’t exactly looking but then there he was. Back to this past fall, I was in my local Pfaff dealer location, picking up threads and the conversation turned to the fact that the store was selling, and they were looking for another hire. I wasn’t able to leave the store without filling out an application. Soon thereafter, I got a call from the new owner, and before I knew it, I had my start date. Little did I know how much I would really love the work I do.

One of the best parts of my job is that I am able to try out a wide variety of machines, practice some of the work I love doing, and get great new experience in many aspects of the sewing industry. It’s incredible to be able to try out the many brands, styles, and find what I enjoy the most. I’ve been a Pfaff girl for many years, and having the ability to play on the new machines is not only fun, but scary…because I want every one of them! Over the past few work days I’ve been testing out and enjoying the Pfaff Expression 720. This machine is incredible. Great throat space, beautiful stitches, and awesome free motion. What do I not like about this new machine? NOTHING! Even the price is great. If I were in the market for a mid-range priced machine, this would be at the top of my list for sure!

The next model I jumped over to is the Husqvarna Viking Brilliance 75. I don’t stitch on Vikings as much as I do the Pfaff’s, but I wanted to take some more time with them, in order to give a fair comparison between the two. This machine is a sewing only as well, it’s embroidery counterpart is the Designer Brilliance 80. I love the Brilliance 80, it’s the machine I trained on when I went SewFest. So, I figured I’d like the Brilliance 75 as well. The stitching is very nice, the Decorative and Heirloom stitches came out beautifully, and the fonts were great also. I think my only complaint would be the overall look of the machine. I love the red color, and think they could have done a better job with keeping it all red, versus putting the black area around the screen. It would have kept the color more consistent, and more visual pleasing. This is just my opinion, but I have overheard other say this as well. Outside of changing the front cover, I think it’s a great machine, with a great price, and overall a strong option for a sewing only machine in that mid-range price.

Next week, I’ll take on a few more and see what I love, like, and dislike. I always believe that each machine has it’s perfect owner. The best thing that anyone in the market for a new machine can do, is to go to a dealer, and spend the time trying out the different models in your desired price range. That extra time spent, will help you make the best decision for a machine that you will love the most!

Redd Homestead was established in 2018 after a move from Texas to Maryland. Our focus is on the lifestyle of living in a semi-homesteading world, while also enjoying the comforts of modern life.

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