A Year Later…

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since we closed on our home here in Maryland. It’s funny to think that throughout my husband’s military career we tried really hard to not end up in Maryland. Who knew it would be the place we would land post-retirement. What a surprise to discover we would love it and truly feel like it’s home.

When I came house hunting in March of 2018, I was hopeful I would find the right house, but not totally confident. Instead, I found what would end up being the perfect home for us. The biggest request from the boys seemed impossible to fulfill, but we did. The biggest wanted a 2 story home, the littlest wanted a pond to fish in. We got both. I just wanted a happy home for my family, and we definitely found that.

When you think about what all can happen in a year it can be surprising and overwhelming all at the same time. We moved in, we have painted, redecorated, added new pets, torn apart structures, added barns, added livestock, mowed and mowed and mowed. But most important of all, we built a home for us. Without a doubt there is still plenty more today, but what a jumpstart we made in the first year.

During this first year, the kids have also settled into their schools and found this place with sports and programs. The husband has settled well into his job. Most surprisingly, I decided to go back to work as well as further purse my business in Redd Homestead. What a change it would be for me to actively pursue my dreams, while working a regular job that supports what I do. I have been able to purchase the equipment I need, as well as start teaching again. All the things we love, have fallen into place.

It excites me to imagine what will come over the next 1 year, 5 year, and even 10 years. Where will we be next? Where will we grow as a family and a business. Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, we are encouraged by what we see in front of us. For now we will just stay focused on the tasks at hand and move ahead at an always busy pace.

Oh and since I have spent the past few days sewing away, I couldn’t end this without a peek of what was going on. I’ve been piecing a lot lately, and the final block required an embroidery design of my choice. There wasn’t any question that it would have to be a pink owl. Enjoy what was the final beauty that was under my needle tonight. It was embroidered using my Pfaff Creative Icon, using an Exquisite Varigated Thread, grey fabric background and finished with a cute Tula Pink accent fabric.

Redd Homestead was established in 2018 after a move from Texas to Maryland. Our focus is on the lifestyle of living in a semi-homesteading world, while also enjoying the comforts of modern life.

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