It’s only Wednesday??

Oh what a week it’s already been…wait it’s only Wednesday??? We’re only half way there? It’s been an exciting past few days for sure, and super busy, plus it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon for sure.

Sunday was of course Mother’s Day, and the big question was what do I want to do? Well, I wanted to do a whole lot of nothing. Seriously, I just wanted to veg and relax. It was cool and rainy and I just wanted to take it easy. I woke up to a nice gift from the husband, wrapped up so sweetly in a True Value brown paper bag. The one thing I should mention about this great husband of mine is that he is always thoughtful in his gift giving. What was in the brown bag you ask? There was a pair of gardening gloves, a new hose sprayer, and a new 25ft measuring tape. Now some of you women out there would have opened that bag and said “What the hell is this?” But not me. You see, when he had previously asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day, I asked to have my garden fencing put in. However, this nonstop Maryland rain has prevented that from happening. The new gloves and sprayer were for the care of my new garden. The measuring tape…well I keep complaining because the ones in my studio keep getting taken and never returned, so yeah he probably just wanted me to quit complaining. Guess what, it worked! I think it was a pretty thoughtful and awesome gift, even if it did come in a brown paper bag from True Value.

The brown paper bag was followed up with a very thoughtful homemade card from the youngest, and a French Toast homemade breakfast from the oldest. I know there are those out there who want jewelry or flowers or big gifts. I’m not one of those girls. It’s the homemade cards and notes that I value the most. The flowers will all die, but those cards will stay with me forever. I figured my gifts were over by the end of breakfast but I was wrong. Around mid-morning the youngest came downstairs to inform me that he wanted to learn to sew. He’s mentioned it before but this time he was serious, and I took him up on wanting a lesson. Before it was all said and done he had made a perfect pillowcase. Funny story, he was trying to pick out which machine he wanted to sew on but immediately knew the Pfaff Icons were off limits! No joke little buddy, not sewing on those babies. He did pick my Juki Kirei, and since it has a speed control, that became the machine of choice. He seems to think he needs one of his own now too! Not yet my man, not yet. The good news is that he was totally hooked and now wants to start making quilts with me. This makes my heart sing that he wants to take part and learn more about what I love and hold so deeply.

Making his first sewing project, a new pillowcase for his bed.
All done!

Monday brought a day back in the groove as the kids were back off to school, I’m busy working downstairs sewing and finishing up one of my latest projects. A fabulous co-worker and I have named it “The Cheater Hexie” wallhanging. There isn’t one seam on this quilt. I love hexies, but don’t have the time or patience for all the seams. So how do we resolve this dilema? One word, fusible! All the hexies and borders were fused down onto a cotton fusible fabric, one layer of batting, a simple white backing, and lots of decorative stitching. Thanks to my Juki Kirei and stitch #193, and we were done in a few hours. I love how cute this came out. Granted there are a few spots where I was watching some paranormal show to closely on the Travel Channel and messed up the stitches, but I still love the color and character to it.

Just prior to finishing up the last missed spots.

Tuesday was a day of craziness. It started out with kids off to school and me off to work, followed by leaving to make it home in time for a Westalee and Sew Steady webinar to see what all exciting things are happening at Spring Quilt Market, to ending the evening freezing at a baseball game. Seriously I thought we were in mid-May??? So who let the cold weather in to freeze us all out? Seriously, it was 53 degrees!! Rain and a breeze to add to it. I was shivering! The good wrap to the evening is that even though we lost the game, my little dude did a great job at catcher, super proud of him.

Finally we make it to Wednesday and it hasn’t slowed down one bit. First, the kids are off to school, the dog is off to the groomers, I’m off to get my eyes checked (something about turning 40 and realizing your contacts aren’t cutting the deal anymore), then back home, then back to get the dog, get the kids, and then off to the oldest kid’s choir performance. Somewhere in between it all, I did manage to sit down for a few minutes in front of my Pfaff Performance Icon to practice a few minutes of ruler work. I did receive my Inspira Ruler Work foot that fits my Icon. They are very close to what we use from Westalee, only difference appears to be a few marking lines and an indention. Otherwise, there is no quick visible difference. I did put my machine in free motion with chose the Ruler Foot as the foot option. Everything appears to be working as it did with my Westalee foot. The only larger spaced stitches I can blame on myself. No complaints from here. I’m looking forward to more practice and time spent.

Well from here it wont be slowing down anytime soon. Tomorrow is back to work, Friday is class prep, and Saturday is teaching. Goodness knows I’m going to need a lot of coffee running through the veins as quickly as my thread runs through those needles. I’ll keep you posted and let you know if I’ve survived the rest of the week.

Redd Homestead was established in 2018 after a move from Texas to Maryland. Our focus is on the lifestyle of living in a semi-homesteading world, while also enjoying the comforts of modern life.

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