Travel, Travel, Travel…

What a whirlwind past few days it’s been. Last Sunday, I headed up with a team from work to Mahwah, NJ for a week long New Dealer training at Janome America. I offered to drive, maybe because I’m a little bit of a control freak with those things, but a 4 + hour drive ensued as we headed out from my house to the hotel. After dinner, we arrived around 9:45 to unpack, crash, and get ready for a week.

This would be my first time really putting my focus on Janome machines. Let me start of by saying I was impressed. I did not expect to fall so in love with not only the machines, but the business. Considering this location covers the whole USA, as well as our neighbors north and south, I was floored on how few of staff there actually were. The efficient of the whole business was impressive. The warehouse spotless, everyone well prepared and knowledgeable, and the training was great. We were able to look at the company from an education, sales, and logistics stand point which helps to make you feel you are a part of the organization. I just can’t brag enough. As a sewist who has always had a major love for Pfaff and Juki, I was blown away with lots of the options, accessories, and ease of use of the machines.

But what made me go WOW? The new Janome M7 Continental sewing machine. The throat space is incredible (up to 13.75 inches), the screen is beautiful, and it sews so smoothly! It has now made it onto my Christmas list…not sure what Christmas I’ll get it, but it’s now on the list!

I also need to give a shout-out to Ramsey Subaru in Ramsey, NJ. While on the drive there, my passenger side airbag sensors failed and wouldn’t stay on. After talking with Subaru America, they helped to get me in with Ramsey, and my car was fixed in less than 24 hours, including having a recall completed. The whole team there was awesome, so much better than my local dealership. In fact, I was dreading having to visit my local dealer because of the lack of quality customer service. Ramsey knocked it out of the park with taking care of everything.

The best part of the trip though, making it home last night to my guys. There is no doubt the husband does a knock out job of taking care of things while I’m gone. The kids, critters, and house were all in great shape. I am so appreciative of their support in everything I do. The husband is incredible! I feel beyond blessed to have a spouse who will just take over so I can go take care of my work needs.

So what’s next on the list? After a soon to be hectic beginning to mid October, I will be returning to Texas on October 24-28 to attend the first ever Threads of Success program. Threads of Success will be offered during this years Quilt Market in Houston and is for aspiring fabric designers, pattern designers, retailers, inventors, writers, and teachers. My plan is to following the path towards pattern designers and teachers, since teaching is what I love the best.

Until my trip there, I will be spending my time working at the shop and in my studio as much as possible. I really love what I get to do and am so excited for all the upcoming opportunities and possibilities that are in front of me. Until then, enjoy a few of the recent photos from my travels and around the farm.

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