To Houston we shall go….

I have been waiting very impatiently for this weekend to get here. Last night I caught a flight out of Baltimore to make my way back to Houston for what I consider to be the #1 fall event in Houston, and no I’m not talking about the World Series. I’m talking about International Quilt Market and Festival. The last time I was in Houston happened last year, as we drove though on our drive out of Texas to Maryland and a bid farewell to our dear beloved Texas. Prior to that was my trip to International Quilt Festival in 2015.

Last night didn’t start off with a bang after a later arriving flight, delay in luggage making it to baggage claim, wait for the rental car, and finally arrived at my hotel around 10:30. I was exhausted, especially considering we start our day usually around 04:45! After quickly settling in for the night I was for sure I would sleep soundly. Sleep was not my friend last night as my brain continued to ponder over how today would go. Today would be a start to a new opportunity for myself and the dreams of Redd Homestead.

The interesting part of my trip down here is that I’m not really here for International Quilt Market and Festival…sort of. This year is the inaugural Threads of Success conference. Here I am able to meet and listen to some of the best in the business, and learn how to find my way into the actual business of my love of sewing and quilting. But today, it all started bright and early with Schoolhouse. Schoolhouse was an optional program, providing me the ability to pick and choose from a robust listing of chats about new products, social media, business needs, etc. When I saw who would be providing the opening, there was no question I would attend. I finally got to sit in the same room and listen to Tula Pink. She was a riot. Her latest fabric line is stunning, she is absolutely hilarious, and I was able to start making new industry friends right from the start! It was then and there that I knew that this was exactly where I needed to be.

Following Tula’s awesome intro, I was able to start making the rounds in the classrooms to see the newest, latest, and greatest. Along the way I saw the likes of Cheryl Sleboda, Charlotte Androtti, Rob Appell, Laura Heine, and Kaffe Fasset before finishing off the evening with an absolutely lovely chat with Kimberly Einmo. The day was incredible, but even more than that…making new friends from across the country and even outside the US…yes Canada you certainly deserve some acknowledgement too!

I am still blown away that all this was only day one of my trip. Tomorrow starts the full program for Threads of Success. I have figured out a few things about this event. One, I’m exactly where I need to be, doing exactly what I need to be doing. Two, when I go home on Monday I will be sad to leave, but will be beyond blessed with so much new knowledge and friends that I will smile the whole way home (and probably annoy the crap out of my husband and kids since I won’t quit talking about it forever!) Good night, enjoy the photos, and more to come tomorrow! Oh and yes, I did get my dose of Whataburger tonight!

1 comment on “To Houston we shall go….

  1. Chris Redd

    Fantastic entry! I’m so excited for you to be right where you need to be. I truly hope this trip will be the little “push” you’ve been needing to get out there and make your dreams a reality.


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