Quilt, Quilt, and Quilt

Since I returned from International Quilt Market in Houston, it’s has been non-stop busy around the house and farm. I had grand plans of telling you all every detail of how the trip went, and then the days escaped from me as I began focusing on what all lies ahead. This weekend brought a wild adventure starting with a Saturday morning trip to Gettysburg to help with a Kimberbell event that work was hosting. Since we were near freezing temperatures, I left early to make sure I had plenty of travel time. Since I arrived prior to the meet up, I decided to take a few minutes and drive through the battlefields on a very crisp and cool morning. We love traveling to the battlefield area, looking at the monuments, and hitting the shops in downtown Gettysburg. If you even have the chance to travel there, I highly recommend it.

After the completion of another successful event, I enjoyed dinner with the team before heading home for the night. Sunday would be a very busy day, and sleep was a must. My Sundays are my quilting days, with a break in the scheduled to take my oldest son to his riding lessons for the week. We’ve been working to make sure the Janome studio is finished and ready to be put to work for me. We finally finished putting together an adjustable height table from Ikea for cutting, and mounting a TV on the wall so that I won’t have to stitch in a quiet room. I can’t miss a day of quilting without having Golden Girls playing in the background. Finally, the Janome studio has been completed in terms of furniture, the final requirement will be to set up the video equipment to start the online tutorials and reviews. That will come soon.

But, I never did get the chance to finish up on Market, so I decided to hit the highlights of my trip. I was blessed with the opportunity to attend this event, to learn from some of the best in the industry, I was fortunate enough to sit through amazing lectures by the incredibly talented Cheryl Sleboda, Charlotte Angotti, Tula Pink, Ebony Love, Alex Anderson, Kimberly Einmo, and so many more. My mentor for the market floor was Mark Hyland. It was a trip to spend with the superstars learning how they got into the industry, and where I fit. I have come back full of energy, ready to take that next step, and find my path. This trip was a life changer, and will continue to be a life changer. In one of the lectures it was said to just keep taking a step forward everyday, and I am. Sooner or later those small steps will turn into large leaps.

Once we conference was completed, and we were turned loose onto the floor, I was thrilled to not only once again see Tula Pink (and have my photo take with her) but also got to see some of my dearest friends, those who have inspired and encouraged me along the way, and made some new friends who continue to inspire and challenge me. I was blessed to have time to talk to the amazing team at Janome (you’ve all heard my love of that Continental M7), say hello to the SVP crew, and meet some amazing entrepreneurs along the way. My final meet and greet was when I stopped by Windham Fabrics and met the Quilting Cowboy, Dale Rowse. He is so handsome and absolutely an adorable sweetheart. Here’s a few photos to show my favorite highlights from the day at Market.

Finally today was a full-time course of quilting. I have a sold-out Beginner Quilt Class taking place in a few weeks and have needed to finish my samples, so that took priority over everything else. Once the boys were off to school, it was time to start up Golden Girls, wake up the Janome M7, and work away (between chores of course). I am happy to say both quilted table runners have been pieced, ruler work quilting has begun (I’m testing out Swan Amity Studio free motion gloves with my Westalee Rulers), and I’m done for the evening. Tomorrow evening I will finish the quilting so that on Wednesday I can tackled the fabulous Pottery Line from Quilting Cowboy for a fully custom quilt for my husband. The warm colors in this line are perfect for the handsome man in mine, and it’s about time I make a quilt just for him. Until next time, enjoy the view of what’s under my needle.

Redd Homestead was established in 2018 after a move from Texas to Maryland. Our focus is on the lifestyle of living in a semi-homesteading world, while also enjoying the comforts of modern life.

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