Day 2: Sewing Space

For Day 2 of the #31dayblogchallenge2019 I get to focus on my sewing space…or maybe I should say spaces. When we purchased our home in 2018, one of the main requirements would be that I would have a studio space in the house so that I could begin the expansion of my business. The first time I saw our now home I wasn’t completely sold, it had everything on our list, but also needed a lot of work and was overpriced as well. Thankfully, their realtor contacted mine and told us to just make them an offer. We made an offer that we felt was fair, and after a short negotiation we were on our way to a closing, and move across the US.

Soon after we closed on the house, I was able to refocus from getting us moved, moved-in, and settled, to setting up the studio. I am fortunate that this home comes with a full basement for me to expand into. Funny story, when we first moved in the husband says, “You’ll never be able to fill up this whole basement.”. Eighteen months later not only have I filled it, I’ve expanded to the main floor as well!

So let me show you a little bit of the rooms that give me my inspiration. Overall my basement space is near 1200 sq feet total that includes a large living area, 1 bedroom, a bathroom, a storage room, and an unfinished mechanical room. The living area now houses my longarm, multiple embroidery machines, sewing machines, sergers, a cutting table and a lots of fabric. Let me show a few photos so you can see how I’ve filled it all up!

Most of my things were all able to stay within the studio until October. After spending a week in New Jersey at the Janome America headquarters, I fell madly in love with their new Continental M7 Professional model. The M7 is my first Janome and I am so madly in love with it that I knew it needed it’s own space. After a little convincing of the husband, we made the decision to give up our formal living room and make it “The Janome Room”. This room has quickly become my favorite as it is on the main floor so I’m not so far away from everyone else while I am working. It allows the kids and husband to still be socializing with me, and I can still be active in our normal evening activities while getting work done. During the daytime it’s perfect because I get great daytime lighting, and able to keep a watch over our critters and property while I work. This room will also provide the best space and backdrop for the photos and videos that will be produced to promote my business and provide education.

So there are my spaces…messy and full of inspiration. The good news is that they make me happy. They make me want to work, they make me want to make beautiful items for other and share my passion. As my long term goal is to just inspire others to love sewing and quilting as much as I do, I love to find my newest project ideas from the people and things around me. Stay tuned to tomorrow, when the Day 3 topic is: Machine! Guess which one it will be focused on.

2 comments on “Day 2: Sewing Space

  1. You have great sewing spaces. My husband jokes he has to build a home around the longarm since most homes available do not have a room large enough for the frame. I love your space.


    • Thank you Denise! It takes a huge room to fit a longarm but I feel so spoiled having it all right there! It’s always great when the husbands understand our needs too!


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