Show Me The Fabric…

Ok, ok so that wasn’t exactly what Jerry McGuire was yelling in the movie, but hey, it’s probably been said by more than a few of us quilters. I’ve been missing out on the #31dayblogchallenge2019 lately as work, work, and more work has taken over, but some is better than none, right??? So on Day #14 the challenge is “Show Us Your Fabric”. I find it interesting that it’s only the word “fabric”, was the “s” forgotten? I couldn’t even tell you when the last time I only had 1 piece of fabric in my house, or studio, or anywhere.

I once saw the cute meme that said something to the fact of “I’m not a fabric hoarder, I’m a fabric curator”. I happen to like that idea the best. I’m very busy curating many fabulous pieces of fabric in my studio, obviously. Since there are obviously insane amount of yardage in my house, how about instead I will just show you some of my most recent works and favorites?

A mix of my husband’s uniforms with Canvas by Northcott
Holiday fabric…who doesn’t love shiplap on fabric? Especially when it is red!

Ok so there are 4 of the last few projects I’ve worked on. There are more, but those aren’t ready for a sneak peek yet. Of all those above my favorite is without a doubt the quilt with my husband’s Air Force uniform incorporated into it. How could it not be?

Tonight I will keep it short and sweet. Tomorrow is an earliest sewing memory. That should be a fun one to write about. Good night and come back soon to continue to see what is under my needle.

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