What inspires you?

Have you ever taken a moment to sit back and think what inspires you? That’s a loaded question, right? Are we talking about what inspires you in work, art, home, life, anything? Close your eyes for a moment and think quietly about what inspires you…it’s okay, I’ll wait.

What did you picture in your quiet mind? Is it something beautiful or ugly? Is it something you can physically touch or a goal you are trying to reach. I think too often we forget to take a moment and remember what inspires us each day.

I’m often asked what kind of a quilter I am. Now, for those of you non-quilters you may be thinking “huh? What does that mean? Aren’t all quilters just quilters?” Well, again, we go back to the loaded question…yes as quilters we all have some things we do the same, but hardly any two quilters work exactly alike. Usually when I’m asked that question it can be broken down to meaning if I prefer Modern quilting and techniques with bold colors and designs, or if I’m more of a traditionalist following along with standard techiques, color schemes and patterns. To answer that question honestly, I’m a little bit of both. See, it all comes down to what inspires me at that moment. Ahh, see now you are thinking…wait she meant what inspires at any time not just as a whole!

When I walk into a quilt store, either a physical space or online, the first thing I look for is color and design that draws my eye in. What are the colors that are popular today that immediately pull you into that fabric pile? These days for myself it’s neutrals and soothing colors. Maybe it’s because I need a little soothing in my life. Those who know me well are probably yelling at the screen going “you have a ton of Tula Pink in your house!”, that’s not neutral! You’re right, it’s not, but it has neutral colors to it, and I can always make it a more relaxing project depending on what I put with it. But also…what makes me want to grab that Tula Pink fabric and cuddle it like it’s a baby? It’s all about what inspires me at that moment, on that day, at that time.

If you were able to walk into a room full of my fabric stash you will find all those neutral and comforting colors, but you’d also find lots of batiks, bolds, bright, a little bit of it all. Because you see, the reason that particular piece of fabric is in my house is that at some place, at some time, it inspired me. Shame on me for not writing down the idea I had for it at the time because right now there are a lot of those fabrics that aren’t inspiring me at all!

So stop again, close your eyes, and think one more time about what is inspiring you. We are currently living in a very unprecedented time (yes we are hearing that word a lot lately). What is inspiring you to get up each day, get dressed (even if it’s only fresh pj pants with that nice shirt for your zoom call), and be alive? Is it your kids who now also look at you as their teacher? Is it your pet who needs to be fed, walked, and played with? Is it the job that even though you are now working from home it still has to get done? Or is it just you that inspires yourself? Do you have these dreams and goals in life that you want to achieve?

Find your inspiration today. Not sure what or where it is? Just keep looking for it. Go outside, let the sun shine on you to warm you, or the rain fall on you to wash away the stress or sorrows. You never know where you will find the inspiration, but you have to keep looking around for it. I didn’t include any photos in today’s post because I want you to go find the inspiration for yourself. Just find a reason to be inspired.

Let me know with a comment what is inspiring you today.

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