Brooder Box Build

It’s a foregone conclusion that if you send Mitzi to Tractor Supply Company when they have their chicks in, a couple of those chicks will find their way into the basket. I’m not entirely sure how it happens, must be ninja chicks or something. Anyway, given that we just hatched a small flock of these fine specimens which were suppose to be moving into their brooder box once I got it built, I felt like we were in a safe place. I’ll get back to that in a moment…a brooder box needed to be built.

This summer has been warmer than the last and this day was hotter than most. I blame my lack of preparation, but…regardless, it could not wait any longer. A brooder box was needed immediately. The build was going to be straightforward: 4 posts, a mess floor, chicken wire, a top hatch opening, etc. The usual configuration, whatever that means. So, with a very rough idea, the building would commence.

Board by board, nail by nail, and water break by water break, things started to take shape. The bandana showed up after only 15 minutes into the build. And, but the end of it, there wasn’t a dry stitch to be found. All in all, it took just over 5 hours to piece this box together. I truly hope the chicks, or at least Mitzi, appreciates the effort put into it. Hopefully, this one will last us a few years.

Oh, to finish my thoughts from the first paragraph, the 15 eggs that we hatched, wound up producing 19 new chicks. Funny how that math works out, huh. 😉

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