I Got A New Title!!

I cannot even begin to describe my excitement to announce that I have been named as a Janome Artisan! I am completely on cloud nine with this news. While I have known about this for a few weeks, it has been so difficult to keep it quiet and not try to be just jumping up and down at every moment.

Many of you know of my love for Janome machines, it’s really no surprise at all right? Almost a year ago I had the opportunity to go spend a week at the Janome America headquarters in Mawhaw, NJ, and I was in for such a treat! I will admit when I walked into the building I was a true fan of another brand and had spent a fortune in those machines to stock my studio. But as any good sport, I was ready to see with Janome could show and teach me, and boy did they do just that and beyond. Not only did I have the honor of meeting an incredible staff, the training team is outstanding, the tech support and customer service are top notch, but most of all, it’s like being part of a family when you are in that building. I was impressed by not only the facility and teams, but oh my did the machines WOW me too.

So, it is my absolute honor to be part of this team and this family. It has been a blessing over the past few months to be part of the online education. I never imagined that COVID-19 would flip how I do everything all around and provide me such an amazing opportunity for so much more. I have been so thrilled to be part of each and every one of the Facebook Live Demos I have been assigned, and what a shocker it was to be provided a classroom spot to teach the things I love to each one who joined in.

I know I have said this before in my videos, but I really do read every comment that is made, and try my best to respond back. It is a jaw-dropper to see the people from all over the world who take time out of their day to join me for whatever I will talk about for the lesson. They have stayed with me from a 30-minute segment to a 2-hour classroom. I wish you could all see the huge smile on my face afterwards when the camera is off and I see all the kind words that are left, the places all over this world that are mentioned, and the smiley faces and hearts that pop up throughout the feed. I thank each one you so much for just being part of my day and spending time with me in my studio. I feel absolutely blessed by your presence.

So what does being a Janome Artisan mean for my future? It means that I get to continue being part of this amazing team of Janome educators, artisan, makers, and so much more. I get to continue writing patterns and post, educating, all while being powered by fabulous Janome machines. I also get to keep being part of the overall sewing and quilting family that we have all developed while being stuck at home. It doesn’t matter where we are at, or what room we are sitting in, we are all together when our sewing machines are humming away.

Before I close this post I want to thank a few people for their absolute support in all I have done and helped me get to this today. First off, I do have to give a huge thanks to my husband, Chris. He has encouraged me all along the way, supported my dreams emotionally and financially, and stood behind the camera for everything working hard for the right shot so that we can provide a quality education experience. Second, my boys have been rocking it and deserve their own thanks as well. They have been there for every video whether it’s been feeding me questions from comments, or just trying to keep the dogs and critters quiet. They have helped me get my studio ready, and understood when I’ve needed to focus on the project. They really are fantastic kids and I am one lucky Mom to have them backing me.

Next, I also want to give a huge thanks to Kimberly Einmo and Regena Carlevaro. Both of the fabulous ladies have been incredibly supportive, provided amazing feedback, and been the best set of cheerleaders a girl could have! I cannot wait until all this crazy COVID passes so we can all be back in the same room together! To all the many other Janome educators, makers, artisans, etc, I am so thrilled to being in your presence and to have your support through it all. I have made such wonderful friends these past few months and I really do cherish each one of you!

Finally, to my extended family, and friends who are basically family, who have provided such great support and encouragement for me to keep working hard and have cheered me on, joined me in classes, and just been great friends that keep me smiling. You all know who you are and thank you for keeping me sane!

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2 comments on “I Got A New Title!!

  1. escaperider

    Congratulations! As a new M7 owner, I enjoyed the ruler class very much! Looking forward to more learning experiences! Thanks!


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