Video Room Re-do

So out of necessity we made a decision to provide me a dedicated room for shooting videos. I had been asking for this for a while, and no doubt I had a beautiful space upstairs, but I really wanted something more enclosed and separate to help keep down the noise…so we decided to clear out my “storage” room downstairs and get to work.

I should have taken a true “before” photo but I failed to do that, I was probably just so excited about getting this new space moving, so let me explain what was going on in this room beforehand. Originally to the house it would be considered a basement bedroom, but overtime had become my overflow room with lots of project ideas, notions, pretty much anything that didn’t have it’s own space already. So…the room was full stripped out. We ripped out what was a low hanging ceiling and tiles, replaced it with beadboard, added a new overhead LED light fixture, painted all surfaces and went to work. The wall colors are from Lowes Valspar paints. The lighter color is Sea Salt Blue, the navy is Indigo Streamer. Once all walls were completed I still had to paint the floor trim, add in ceiling trim, and paint the window sill. This painting was done using Valspar paints The Perfect White.

Next up we began moving furniture into the room to make sure the fit would work for my larger Horn of America cabinet. This particular cabinet is the model 6479 and is my favorite. The model 6479 has now been upgraded to the 8479 with the difference being a larger machine cutout. Otherwise, they appear to be the same cabinet. What I love about this particular cabinet is the overall size. It has the pullout area which I use for having my serger close by. There is plenty of storage, and if I wanted to close everything up nicely it would be easy to do so! Additional shelving was brought in as well for everything from bolt to cabinet storage. I happen to also be quite the fan of Ikea and used the Billy bookcase and Brusali cabinets.

From this stage it was more of just finding locations and getting every other needed item arranged. Next up was filling the thread rack next to the window sill with embroidery thread. This location helps to keep them out of direct sunlight as well and worked out perfectly on spacing. I’m often asked about my thread racks and it’s a very easy DIY project. All this is needed is a pegboard, wall trim, 1 x 2 wood strips, construction screws and pegboard hooks. We first add the trim onto the pegboard, paint if needed, attach the 1 x 2 strips to the back to give spacing for the hooks once they are added, and attach to the wall with construction screws. Voila and done!

Next step was to make sure there was a gorgeous quilt to put up on the wall! I feel honored that Kimberly Einmo provided me with one of her beautiful patterns, Riders to the Stars. I used part of my Tula Pink fabric collection by pulling fabrics from both her Homemade and Zuma lines which coordinate beautifully. All piecing and quilting was completed on my Janome Horizon Quilt Maker Memory Craft 15000. After completion it was time to hang it up to the wall, but I had another idea to help make the space more useable. It needed a pull down design wall.

For the pull down design wall I had done my research for a few option and couldn’t find exactly what I wanted and the right size. They were either too big or too small for the location between my bookshelves. Once again we took on a DIY standpoint and went to work. Here are the items you need to complete this very simple project:

  1. Roll Down Window Shade (I purchase from Lowes and had cut to size) LEVOLOR Trim+Go 73-in x 78-in White Room Darkening Cordless Roller Shade in the Window Shades department at
  2. White 108″ flannel
  3. Permanent Spray Adhesive LOCTITE 13.5-fl oz Bonding Clear Multipurpose Adhesive in the Multipurpose Adhesive department at A note about this spray adhesive. It is a permanent and heavy spray. It doesn’t spray in a mist pattern, almost more like a stream. If you go with this one, you will want to be sure the have another person to help with placing the flannel because once it touches, its attached. I also found that it did come through with a bit of a yellow coloring on the flannel that is visible (not really an issue for me). This spray might be a little more than needed and there are lighter options available that I would definitely consider using next time I make one.
  4. 1 MDF or like board cut to length of shade for attaching mounting brackets for walls or ceiling. Mine is attached to the ceiling in order to keep it as out of way as possible. We painted the board the same white as the ceiling to keep it less obvious.
  5. Construction screws for mounting it onto the wall or ceiling.

I should have gotten more photos, and my apologies for not. We did do a test run with the mounting brackets to make sure the location was where we needed it on the MDF board prior to paint and ceiling mounting. Once we had the fit correct, we removed the brackets, painted the board, and once dry, remounted the brackets, and mounted it to the ceiling.

For the vinyl roller sheet, we did a dry fit with the trimmed down flannel, then slowly sprayed the side we were attaching the flannel to in about 10 inch strips across. This allowed us enough work room to attach the flannel while making sure it was snug. No photos here either because all 4 of us were working quite quickly to make sure the flannel was straight because this stuff dries very fast!! Once the flannel was attached and dried (literally a few minutes). we rolled the flannel/vinyl back onto the rod and attached it into the mounting brackets. I allowed the roll to fully cure for about 24 hours before bringing it up and down multiple times. Not sure if this was really necessary but I wanted to make sure it would stay up and away in the rolled position and not stuck flat down.

Once the vinyl had been reset, the room was cleaned and I finished quilting the current quilt to showcase. I am awaiting different brackets to hold up my quilts, so unfortunately, it’s currently being held up to the wall with push pins. Not ideal, but will work temporarily. I added two bookcases and shelves into the open closet, as well as a light and curtains. Across the Brusali cabinets I also made a large pressing station for my new Laurastar steam iron. This larger pressing board is just and MDF board, cut to the size of my wool mat (about 58 x 21), then covered in a decorator style fabric from Ikea. The fabric is just stapled to the back so as it gets stained or dirty, I can easily remove it and apply a fresh piece.

All the furniture pieces I already had, so the only thing new that came into this room would be the Laurastar Iron and the Design Wall. Finally the room was fully completed, all cleaned, and ready to get to work in. I have to give a huge shoutout to my fabulous husband and kids like always since they pitched in every single time I asked. The cabinet alone weighs in at about 345 pounds, and these guys helped me get it moved from our upstairs to the basement studio with lifting, pulling on a cart, and maneuvering through tight door space. I should mentioned they actually had to do it twice, because there are two cabinets in this downstairs locations as my Janome Continental M7 sits in another Horn cabinet in the larger room. I promised them I would never ask to have them moved to another floor ever again!

If you do have any questions in regards to this remake, the design wall, thread peg boards, etc, please feel free to send me a message and I’ll be glad to get back to you as soon as possible. Keep an eye out for video content coming soon from this space also!

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  1. Great Job and thank you for sharing links for your “great” ideas.

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