It’s a Birthday Cake…That’s what I said!

A few months back, as we were scanning through old photos and videos, we came across one from our youngest son’s first birthday. In the video you hear his toddler aged older brother mouth off in quite the southern accent with a “It’s a Birthday Cake…That’s what I said!”. He was very adamant that we all knew that he was talking about a birthday cake. We have laughed an insane amount of times over this. We have all found ways to imitate that little southern voice, and more than once we’ve heard him go stomping up the staircase because we were relentless about not letting it go. It’s all in good fun, and trust me the video is absolutely one of those that every parent adores and cherishes forever. I have promised him it won’t get posted, so I will stand by my word, but oh it’s adorable!

So this year as I have approached another birthday, I felt it would be fun to make a birthday cake themed quilt to celebrate. Then I also got a call from Janome asking if I would like to be on their Janome LIVE! event on Facebook on my birthday. Uh yeah I would! So, we will be having a birthday event on February 17th at 3pm EST on the Janome Sewing Machine Facebook page.

During this event I will be showing everyone how to make the super cute Birthday Cake block, we will celebrate another trip around the sun for me, and I just might have a few surprises. What’s very exciting is that while it is my birthday, we will also be celebrating Janome turning 100 years! Remember that beautiful Janome Fabric that was released this year to commemorate the anniversary? Well I will be showing off another birthday quilt made with that fabric! But here’s one of the surprises..shhhh don’t tell anyone! Whoever attends the event with me (yes not everyone can be live so I’ll give this a couple days for all to catch up), if you post just even a simple “hello” in the comments of the video, I will then stitch your name into my birthday quilt that needs to be finished. Think of it like signing a guest book or big office birthday card! Oh and what birthday would be complete with cake and party favors?!?! There will be a real sewing-themed birthday cake that we can cut into (sorry I can’t send everyone cake). But those party favors…well there will be a giveaway posted onto the @reddhomestead and @mitziredd Instagram account that afternoon as well that you will want to make sure you see and sign up for!

So get ready everyone, because my birthday week and party are about to start! Oh and for those who have been following me on Facebook, I’m pretty sure I’m still not going to get an alpaca, but I’m keeping the hope alive! I hope to see you at my party!

8 comments on “It’s a Birthday Cake…That’s what I said!

  1. Happy Birthday


  2. escaperider

    Happy birthday and I’ll see you on the 17th !!!


  3. Joanne Jones

    Happy Happy Birthday ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽŠ have a Beautiful day!!!!!


  4. Sarah Sorg

    Happy Birthday! Love the quilt!


  5. Martinapril

    Beautiful room! Happy Birthday!


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