It’s My Birthday!

Today’s the day, it’s the day to celebrate another trip around the sun, another +1 on the years, and another time to be thankful we’re all still here together. Last night we were joking around about how old I am this year. My youngest, always working diligently to stay on my good side so he gets computer time says, “21 again, right”? Yep kid….21 again…of course it’s more like 21 x 2, but hey I’ll take it. There are many who dread their birthdays as another day of aging and being older, but I try to not look at it just like that. I consider another birthday as another 365 days I have LIVED!

When you think about what all has happened in the past 365 days on this planet, we’ve all seen a whole new level of craziness that we never imagined to have seen in our lifetime. Not once in the prior 41 years did I ever imagine I’d be in the middle of a global pandemic, quarantined at home, wearing mask every where we go, watching my kids have to do virtual school, along with all the other nuts things happening around us. But you know what did happen during the past 365 days? Let me fill you in!

  1. Our family became closer since we were spending so much more time together at home.
  2. We grew a garden, did home repairs and remodels, and started to truly make this house a home.
  3. We adopted a new puppy, our goats had babies, and we learned more about life and death with animals than most of us care to deal with.
  4. We found ways to have a date night, a family night, and just have fun at home.
  5. We sat on the front porch together and watched the fireworks, the fireflies, and the snow fall (thankfully not all on the same day!).
  6. We laughed, we cried, we begged each other for space, and sometimes we just begged to be closer.
  7. We have loved each other stronger than we ever have, and for that I’ll always be thankful.

So you see, this last year has had it’s challenges, but it’s also been wonderful. Take a moment to look at what good happened in this past year of your life, then laugh really hard about the funny and frustrating ones, reminding yourself that you still survived.

Remember something: You Got This!

In honor of my birthday, I’m doing a last second release of my latest quilt called “IT’S A BIRTHDAY CAKE!” You can find it right here. Just click on the download link for the pattern. My gift to you all. Thank you for being another part of this year of my life!

6 comments on “It’s My Birthday!

  1. Patsy Wilkerson

    Thank you so much for the free pattern! Wish I was close by, would love some red velvet cake. My favorite cake is just a yellow cake with chocolate icing. Hope you enjoy your day and have many more!!


  2. Iris Gordon

    Happy Birthday. Wishing you many many more!! Thank you for the birthday cake pattern. What an awesome idea!


  3. Thank You for the pattern hope you had a wonderful birthday!


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