Tools, Tools, Tools…

So just like any mechanic, carpenter, gardener, or chef, quilters have a unique set of favorite tools as well that are our go-to pieces. I put together a video for you today to show you a quick look at some of my favorites that are always beside my machines when I’m working. If you have any questions regarding these items, or other I may not have mentioned, please feel free to ask!

Most, if not all, of these tools can be found at your favorite quilting or sewing store. But here are some other details as well:

Sewline Products: lots of internet sales available through most online retailers, as well as very popular in your local quilt stores.

Janome 9 Piece Scissor Kit: Part# JASCISSORKIT Can be ordered through a Janome Dealer.

Swan Amity Quilting Gloves:

Tula Pink Hardware:

Dustin Buzbee Designs: Found through Facebook. He did mention he won’t be available for new orders until the spring time but you can certainly check in with him to get on an order list!

Martelli Rotating Mat: Martelli 3 pc Round-About Set (Base, Mat & Iron Top):

Laurastar Irons:

3 comments on “Tools, Tools, Tools…

  1. Evelyn DesJardins

    Hi Mitzi. Thanks for this useful info. Where did you get you seam gauge? I think it’s plastic and a light blue color. I saw it when you did a video on free motion quilting with rulers. I’ve been trying to find a nice plastic one. The metal one I have is gray, the marks are starting to fade. I would love one of a brighter color to find it quickly when I free motion quilt.

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