So this is 43…

Yesterday I turned 43 and you know what…it was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had! What made 43 so special? Well it wasn’t just the day, it’s been everything leading up to it, and beyond! So let me fill you in a little bit on what’s been going on around here lately.

Most of you know I had this wild idea to go back into the banking industry last summer (it was my job pre-kids). I was very happy to be back into a regular job, working regular hours, bringing home a regular paycheck. But you know what was missing? My spark…the joy I felt when a project was finished, a quilt was hung up, or a new idea came to fruition. That’s what I was missing. Something had to change. So, around the new year, the husband and I had a big heart to heart discussion. He even saw what I was missing out on and where I needed to be. We both knew I needed to be designing, educating, and behind a sewing machine doing what I love.

Isn’t it funny how sometimes the universe seems to know just what you need too, even when you haven’t figured it out just yet? During the fall, I received an email from Benartex fabrics wanting to discuss providing me fabrics for my projects. I was floored to be offered this opportunity. I’ve been a Benartex fabric fan for years! Around the same time I was also offered the opportunity to be a Pattern Designer for Accuquilt. I seriously sat back in disbelief that all of these opportunities were heading my way. Had I reached out to these companies before and put my name into the hat to be considered, of course. Did I ever think it would happen? Nope! So here I was, not sure of what I needed to do…and the universe was telling me otherwise.

So now lets jump to January/February time frame. I had the Schoolhouse Dash with Stitchin’ Heaven having it’s release in February. Just let me divert here and say how much I love this quilt and how much fun it was to film all the videos for the blocks, I really do love to teach! Back to topic…and then the one offer came in that made my heart swell, Janome offered me a position as an Independent Educator. This was my dreams all starting to come together, I would be able to travel and represent Janome, showcase my love of their machines, educate, design, and still be behind the machine.

I keep pinching myself that this is all really happening. That’s I’m actually the one getting the calls to plan the next trip. It is for real…this is 43. I never thought I’d in a sense “re-invent” myself in my 40’s, so I’m not considering this a reinvention. I’m considering it more down the lines of finding my path in my 40’s. A week ago I left my banking job, and started on this different, though not totally new, path. I honestly couldn’t be happier to see what the future is going to hold, the trips I’ll make, the amazing people I will get to meet, talk and laugh with. So here’s to 43!

Oh and in case you are wondering how I celebrated that 43rd birthday yesterday…I spent it at home hanging out with horses, catching up on paperwork, made my favorite meal for dinner, and then went on a great date with the husband to Magooby’s Joke House to see Josh Pray perform. He was great, if you ever get the opportunity to see him, he’s worth the trip. If not, just go watch his hilarious videos on social media. They will keep you quite entertained.

See you all on the road soon. Be sure to watch for all those travel updates and see where I am. I really do hope you’ll stop by if I’m local and say hello!

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  1. Happy Birthday. Today, 2/19, is my birthday but much older than 43. I also live in the country in horse country but have to take a drive to see them. And my sewing machine is Janome’s Horizon Memory Craft. My husband always says “Janome is to Love Me”.

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