Travel and Sewing

Now that life is getting somewhat back to normal, it seems like we are all about ready to get back out there, sewing and socializing with our friends. As I have been on the road lately traveling as a Janome Educator, I often get asked on what’s the best travel machine, and what’s the easiest way to travel with your machines. Today on the Janome Sewing Machines Facebook page I’ll be hosting a live event at 3pm EST to talk just about that. If you are coming to this article late, no problem, the live events are always recorded and saved for later review.

Today I am showing you three different machines to show that there is a machine to match every person and budget from Janome. From left to right, the Travel Mate 30, 740DC, and the 5300. Then lets not forget all the goodies in the middle. Some of the items include my Daylight travel light that is cordless and rechargeable, my favorite Tula Pink hardware, Martelli cutting mat, and so much more.

Join me today, or go back and watch whenever you can, to see what you just might need to add to your collection for travel!

In case you need a list to work through, I’ve made you a blank packing list for you to fill in with your must-haves. Feel free to download it and print it to make your travel easier too!

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