Repurpose, Rebuild, and Remake

On today’s episode of Janome Live! on Facebook I’m going to be going over repurposing clothing into beautiful quilts, pillows or anything you can imagine. Most people are familiar with a t-shirt quilt or a memory bear, but there are so many more opportunities with different fabric items in your home to make those lasting memories. The event happens at 3pm EST live on the Janome Sewing Machines page on Facebook, but you can watch at anytime later as they are always saved for viewing.

My main focus today is to reuse military uniforms into prized possessions for the current serving member and family, or in remembrance of those who we have lost. Over the years I have used my husband’s uniforms to make a many of quilt item that incorporates the uniform. I find this purpose to be much more rewarding than to just have them sitting around in a box. Once while he was deployed away from us, I made quilts for both the boys (and myself) to cuddle in so we would always have a little bit of him with us. It really helped to get by while we missed him.

Because I have pretty much used up all of his uniforms, when it came time for today’s event, I was short on one to use. I need to give a special shoutout and thank you to CWO Bivens of the United States Marine Corp for his generous donation of two complete sets for me to butcher up and make into something that will be cherished for years to come.

A few items I’m going to be showing during the live event:

For cutting: Accuquilt Go! and Fiskers Power Cut Scissors

Stabilizer: EZ-Tee Stabilizer by Heat ‘n Bond

Book: Quilts of Valor: A 50 State Salute by the Quilts of Valor Foundation

Fabric: Benartex Burlap Solids

Sewing Machine: Janome 5300QDC and mentioning the Janome 3160QOV edition

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