Redd Homestead came fully to life in 2018 after a cross country move from Texas to Maryland. Since then it has been busy actively growing into a new lifestyle as the small farm continues to build, and on the projects currently under Mitzi’s sewing machine needle.

When not working here at the farm in her home studio, you will often find Mitzi in a classroom teaching and hopefully inspiring new students to fall in love with quilting the way she did years ago. Mitzi first started quilting in 2008 while living in Alaska, and fell in love with not only quilting, but the passion that was put into each project. Since then, she has been actively pursing her growth and knowledge in the industry, as well as adding to an ever-growing fabric stash. As she says, “I’m not a fabric hoarder, I’m a curator of fine textiles!”

Be sure to follow the site for many great updates, information, and tutorials heading your way!