What inspires you?

Have you ever taken a moment to sit back and think what inspires you? That’s a loaded question, right? Are we talking about what inspires you in work, art, home, life, anything? Close your eyes for a moment and think quietly about what inspires you…it’s okay, I’ll wait. What did you picture in your quiet mind? Is it something beautiful or ugly? Is it something you can physically touch or a goal you are trying to reach. I think too often we forget to take a moment and remember what inspires us each day. I’m often asked what kind of … Continue reading What inspires you?

Day 2: Sewing Space

For Day 2 of the #31dayblogchallenge2019 I get to focus on my sewing space…or maybe I should say spaces. When we purchased our home in 2018, one of the main requirements would be that I would have a studio space in the house so that I could begin the expansion of my business. The first time I saw our now home I wasn’t completely sold, it had everything on our list, but also needed a lot of work and was overpriced as well. Thankfully, their realtor contacted mine and told us to just make them an offer. We made an … Continue reading Day 2: Sewing Space