Until next year…

As my flight finally left Houston last evening (we were over an hour delayed), my heart was filled with happiness and sadness all at the same time. You see, I really fought internally as to whether or not I wanted to take this trip. I waited almost to the last minute to sign up to attend Threads of Success. It was a very large expense I wasn’t sure I wanted to take on at this time in our lives. It would be missing a week or more of work for me, Chris’s hours would have to be shortened to take care of the kids, and I would just be away from everything. However, Chris said I needed to be there, I needed to go. He pushed, gently of course, but with enough encouragement that I finally messaged him at work one day and said, “I just signed up for Threads of Success, I’m going to Houston”.

Even after making that decision, and a deposit for the trip I sat on the idea and pondered if it was the right thing to do at this time. What benefit would I actually have by attending the event? Would it be a total bust and waste of money? It took me forever to book my hotel and car rental. Why was I sitting on this so long when I really didn’t have or need to. Between the time of registration to making my final payment, Mel Robbins spoke to me in so many meaningful post. Just 5-4-3-2-1 and Go..right? Especially this one:

So I did what Mel Robbins said to do, I pushed myself to have the courage to do it. To go on this trip, unknowing as to what the path would lead to. All I knew was that it would lead to something, good or bad, at least I took that step forward. So on last Thursday evening, I kissed the family goodbye, and got on a plane to Houston to attend the inaugural session of Threads of Success. It was my turn. I arrived late that evening, finally getting checked into my hotel room around 10:30 pm. Nervously I unpacked my bags, checked my schedule and drive over and over, repacked what I thought I might need for the next day, and tried to get some rest. Sleep did not come easily that night. Was the alarm set to the right time, what about the weather, do I have everything I will need without taking too much? Finally the alarm went off, but I had already been awake for over 30 minutes. This would be Day 1 of my next adventure.

As I maneuvered my way through Houston traffic and rain, I felt nervous. Again, I didn’t know what I had just gotten myself into. What I did know, I was there, and this was happening. I parked, made my way into the George R. Brown Convention Center, up to the 3rd floor, and found a sign for Threads of Success. I walked up and right there was the adorable Cheryl Sleboda ready to welcome us all in. The atmosphere was on of care, warmth, and welcoming. I was immediately at ease. Before long I was able to start picking out all the Threads of Success badges within the crowds lining up for the opening for Schoolhouse. As I stood in line chatting with other participants about what we each do, where we are from, and how excited we are to be there, I looked at one person and said hi (okay actually it was “you’re from Canada, I saw your pic on Facebook”). That one hello would completely change the rest of my weekend as I quickly became friends with Tara Sinclair of UhOh Creations, a fabulous bag designer from Calgary.

We finally walked into the assembly area, and a smile came across my face as I took on the status as not only attendee, but also fangirl. There on the stage were the stunning quilts and bags showcasing the incredible new line by Tula Pink, Homemade. Why did I pay the extra to be at Schoolhouse? Of course there was plenty of fast paced learning to be done, but soon, my favorite designer would be standing in front of me. Before long, she was there, storytelling about her new fabric line, and showing how it will deeply connect to each one of us. She was right. Of all the stunning designs I would soon see, this one would still be my favorite of the Market.

So how did my adventure change after the opening of Schoolhouse? You’ll have to wait until later to find out. But do know, this was just the beginning of a weekend I will never forget, it gained me a bunch of new supportive friends, taught me so many things I had never imagined, and brought clarity to my future. Enjoy the photos from the opening of Schoolhouse and Tula Pink. Come back tomorrow to find out what happened afterwards.

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